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Welcome to the United Green Ambassadors Awards (UNGAA)! We appreciate your interest in becoming a member and advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Before you proceed, please carefully read and indicate your acceptance or rejection of the following terms and conditions.

  1. Membership Eligibility:
    By signing this document, you confirm that you:

    a. Are at least 18 years old or have obtained parental consent if you are a minor.

    b. Share a commitment to the principles and objectives of UNGAA, including the advancement of the SDGs.

    c. Demonstrate a genuine interest and active involvement in projects, advocacy or initiatives that contribute to sustainable development and positive change.

    d. Agree to abide by the rules and guidelines set forth by UNGAA.

  2. Rights and Responsibilities:
    By joining UNGAA, you understand and agree to:

    a. Exercise your rights as a member to participate in and contribute to UNGAA activities and projects.

    b. Uphold the values and mission of UNGAA, acting in a respectful and professional manner towards fellow members, partners, and beneficiaries.

    c. Actively engage in projects and initiatives aligned with the SDGs, promoting sustainable practices and positive change in your respective communities.

    d. Collaborate and share knowledge, experiences, and resources to enhance the impact of collective efforts.

    e. Acknowledge that recognition and rewards may be granted based on your contributions and achievements in advancing the SDGs, as determined by UNGAA.

  3. Membership Application and Termination:

    a. By signing this document, you acknowledge that your membership application is subject to acceptance by UNGAA. UNGAA reserves the right to accept or reject membership applications at its discretion, based on eligibility criteria and alignment with UNGAA's mission.

    b. Membership may be terminated if you fail to comply with the terms and conditions outlined in this document or engage in activities detrimental to UNGAA's reputation or objectives.

    c. You may voluntarily withdraw from UNGAA by providing written notice to the organisation at info@greenambassadorawards.org

  4. 4. Privacy and Data Protection:

    a. UNGAA will collect and store the personal information you provide solely for the purpose of managing membership and organizing activities. UNGAA will handle your personal data in accordance with applicable data protection laws and its privacy policy.

    b. You have the right to access, modify, or request the deletion of your personal information held by UNGAA by contacting the designated privacy officer.

  5. Amendments and Modifications:

    a. UNGAA reserves the right to modify or amend these terms and conditions at any time. Notice of any changes will be communicated to members through appropriate channels.

    b. Your continued membership after receiving notification of any modifications constitutes acceptance of the modified terms and conditions.

    By accepting this, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these terms and conditions and agree to abide by them while being a member of the United Green Ambassadors Awards (UNGAA).

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About The UN Green Declaration

The UN Conference on Sustainable Development 2012 by the Green Economy Coalition, a global network of organizations committed to accelerating the transition to a new green, inclusive economy.

It sets out principles for a green, fair and inclusive economy that provides a better quality of life for all within the ecological limits of the planet.

UN Conference on Sustainable Development 2012 Principles we believe in.

The UN Conference on Sustainable Development 2012 by the Green Economy Coalition, a global network of organizations committed to accelerating the transition to a new green and inclusive economy sets out nine principles for a green, fair and inclusive economy that provides a better quality of life for all within the ecological limits of the planet.

Sustainable Principle

We firmly believe in the Sustainable Principle, recognizing that a green, fair, and inclusive economy is a vital component for delivering sustainable development..

Justice Principle

We value and support equity between nations, human rights, cultural diversity, gender equality, and the recognition of each individual's knowledge, skills, and contributions.

Dignity Principle

UNGAA supports universal access to basic services, the transformation of traditional jobs into decent careers, and the rights of workers to ensure dignified livelihoods.

Healthy Planet Principle

We recognize the importance of a healthy planet and encourage the restoration of biodiversity, responsible natural resource use, and environmental impact assessment.

Inclusion Principle

At UNGAA, we value cultural diversity, tolerance, transparency, and equal opportunities for all, regardless of age, gender, socioeconomic status, or background.

Good Governance and Accountability Principle

We support and encourage transparency, accountability and fair international cooperation to address global challenges.

Resilience Principle

UNGAA acknowledges the importance of preparedness against climate change, the development of protection systems, as well as universal social protection.

Efficiency and Sufficiency Principle

We advocate for the promotion of sustainable consumption and production.

Generations Principle

We encourage investing for both present and future generations, emphasizing on resource conservation and long-term quality of life.

Become a Global Green Ambassador

Become a Global Green Ambassador

Collaboration is at the core of our mandate. If your organization is interested in joining the largest movement for green, inclusive economy and sustainable best practices, do get in touch or follow the steps below:

  • Get nominated or nominate yourself - Submit your impact story and profile.
  • Demonstrate spark of impact in any of the 17 SDGs at local community.
  • Nomination is 100% Free - No purchase or cost required.
  • No age limit or restriction - infants, babies and centurions deserve praise for a good deed.
  • Get verified
  • Receive a special United Green Awards Ambassador Letter and Certificate.
  • Celebrate your success and impact.
  • Join the Green Ambassador Hall of fame.
  • Attend United Nations high level leadership and consultative conference and events.
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To celebrate changemakers and organizations who are making impact by advancing the SDGs.


Integrity, Impact, Sustainability, Conservation, Justice and Dignity.


Amplifying positive community actions through praise, promotion and recognition of sustainability champions.

United Green Ambassador Awards is a registered Trademark membership network of SMEFUNDS Foundation in General Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). As a diverse and multi-dimensional membership network, our programme and activities support and promote the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through its enshrined Sustainable Green principles.